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Basic Tree Trimming Tips and Information

Tree trimming is the removal of a specific stem or branch from a tree to benefit the whole tree. It also helps keep your landscape or yard healthier as well as having your trees appearing the best they can. Trimming trees need to be done regularly to guarantee the health of the trees and that of your family. There are professional tree service companies to help you to trim your trees. In fact, Arcadia Tree Service is one of the best. If doing yard work and hard work doesn’t sound appealing to you, it may be wise to hire a tree trimming service in Arcadia, CA to accomplish your job the right way the first time.

There are numerous reasons why trees need to be trimmed, some of which include safety, aesthetics and tree health. Trimming a tree accentuate its physical look as well as improving fruit and flower production. The following are the best tips that should be considered when practicing tree trimming.

Plan For The Best Time To Trim Your Tree

best tree serviceMost of the flowering trees are known to set their blossoms a year before they bloom. Therefore, the trees will not bloom if their flower buds are trimmed off. The best rule that most people follow is to trim flowering plants within three weeks after they finish the blooming. This prevents you from unintentionally taking away buds that contains the following year’s flower show. Trees like Maples, Dogwoods and Oaks should not be trimmed at certain period of the year. Maples bleed or drip from the trimming cut if the plant is trimmed just before or right after winter. If you plan to trim Maple trees without bleeding, it must be done in the middle of winter. Oaks on the other hand should not be trimmed from April to October so as preventing disease pathogen during this period.

Trim A Plant At The Right Place

Avoid making the common mistake of cutting off tree branches in the wrong place. Amateurs leave so much of a stub when cutting the branches. When the stub dies off, an entry point for pathogen and other destructive insects is created. Also, you should have in mind that trees do not regenerate tissues like human beings. During tree trimming, efforts should be put to avoid making wounds to the plant trunks when using tractors, lawnmowers as well as other machines. Wounds create space for destructive fungi.

Only trim the trees with the weakest, narrow angles and V- shaped branches.

When trimming, make sure you retain the trees with the strongest and U-shaped branches. Also, lateral branches that are more than one three-quarters or less than a half of the diameter of a stem at the place of attachment should be eliminated. Do not trim a branch that is too long or too close to the stem. In this case, you should not eradicate a branch collar or leave a big stub.

Before trimming a tree, search for the branch collar that grows from the tissue of stem to the branch base as well as the branch ridge. Trim outside the branch ridge directing your cut away from the tree stem. Be careful not to harm the branch collar. Use the same technique to trim dead branches. If a branch is very long, use three-cut method. If you need to remove more than half of the foliage from a branch, just cut the whole branch.