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The self development community and positive psychology can get a bad wrap from outsiders. They mock it, make fun of and take little jabs at either the people who share their knowledge and experiences with it or at the people who are looking to better their lives. Why on earth you would make fun of somebody for trying to improve themselves is beyond me, but that’s best left for another blog post all together.

If you are looking to upgrade your life, whether it be get a promotion, a new job or begin dating again one must not become helpless of their situation, but be grateful for all that they have and take responsibility for the things that happen in their life.

Wikipedia has a great introductory post on the subject matter atĀ

The findings from recent positive psychology studiesĀ is remarkable. It is becoming more and more apparent that we, as humans, can indeed improve our lives just through training our minds and thoughts to be positive.


A major pioneer of positive psychology is Martin Seligman. I highly recommend you learn more about him and the books he authored. My favorites are: Learned Optimism and Flourish.

An Example From My Life

I used to be a person that felt sorry for myself, thought that every bad thing happened to me and nobody else and dug myself into a very, deep and dark hole for the better part of my late teens.

Dwelling on the matter definitely didn’t help. Staying in my room and pondering didn’t help.

What did help was knowing I had the power to have things affect me positively or negatively no matter what happened to me. I could decide if something was going to have power over me or if I was going to have power over life.

I highly encourage you to read up on positive psychology on the internet or buy one of Martin Seligman’s books for great introductions to science that can literally change your life.


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